Rapid Transition to Remote Work

Cura are working hard now to help health workers, educators and everyone else to get working remotely fast.

Given the need for social distancing, isolation and quarantine that will be necessary in the coming months, we're dedicating all of our resources to supporting people to continue working from home.

We have a number of tools and a breadth of experience to help individuals, small business, clinics, schools to quicly transition to cloud based services that make working from home a viable option for many.

The security of your data, your accounts, and now the privacy of your everyday work need protecting.  You need to be using world-class, mature and trusted services.  We partner with Microsoft because they lead the world in secure and reliable cloud systems.  No other company has the track record, the resources or the reach to provide what we we can through them; a heavily invested-in and well maintained infrastructure worth millions in each city. 

We can offer all of the strength that comes from that investment in security, protecting customers, and constantly evolving tools, we can do that starting at $7/m per user.  Our team at Cura will support you to get there, hold you hand while everything's new, and respond to you ongoing needs.

Microsoft Teams lets you work wherever, whenever, on whichever device you prefer. You can share files, coauthor documents, host meetings, and get all your work done beyond the confines of a workplace school

We'd love to know what we can do for you and your organisation.

Take 2 minutes to fill this form so we can get started quickly

Let us know what you're thinking, we'll get in touch, make some recommendations, and get the process started.

Healthcare and frontline workers, please type "frontline worker home help please" to request free IT support for you and your family from one of our techs, if we're too flat out we'll try to arrange a volunteer to help you.

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